To register radio in TuneIn

TuneIn is a well-known platform Web anywhere in the world by the ample directory of radios online that it owns and to it registers his radius online will be able to increase the users who listen to their signal of audio. The characteristics most important to mention are that Not only it allows to accede to the listeners of Chile to listen to his radio transmitter but could also obtain new international auditors and be heard by everybody by means of his platform Web or from its APP for mobiles (Look for Movable Application as: TuneIn).


In order to register his radio transmitter it must enter the following connection:


Important Update: From February 2018 and to date one is not accepting new shipments of radio stations of any supplier in Crearchile we have therefore created a new platform Web and a new directory with the best radii online of Chile. We invited them to know the published radios and to totally register its radius free in If it wants to know more this new project we invited it to visit the following article in which the main characteristics and the new functionalities of radiosenvivo are mentioned.



In order to register his transmitter in TuneIn it will have to fill in a form Web where one will ask for IP and port of its audio signal streaming, being the asked for URL of the following way: http://IP:PUERTO
In order to obtain that their transmitter is approved it is important to fill up all the asked for fields.


Once completed the registry in TuneIn the platform will come to validate the information sent by you and you will have to receive an e-mail with the result of the postulation.
If everything is correctly its radio transmitter would have to appear in the finder in the following 48 hours from received the email.


We hope that this article is of their interest and any newness on Tunein will be commented in this same article.


Last Update: 08/08/2018