The video signal is cut

it cuts the video signal

If the signal of video is cut when trying to visualize the transmissions its spectators or disadvantages at the time of realising connection from its program of transmission this article will be of help to be able to identify the problems and we will give some recommendations so that this does not happen.


First common case:
Our plans streaming of video own restrictions of Bit Rate who is moderate in kpbs, following the contracted plan it is the maximum that can transmit from its program of transmission, in case this does not form with a greater quality to the contract our servers can interrupt its signal giving an error of the type: Network Status: NetConnection.Connect.Closed status

Solution: It must enter his program of transmission and to change the quality of transmission of its signal of video (Not more than 1000 kps in video) and to lower to the number kbps until obtaining that this message does not appear, remember that the Bit Rate parameter of the transmissions is not static meaning that can increase when it is being transmitted thus we recommended closely together not to place a number of the restriction of his plan and thus it avoids interruptions.


Secondly common case:
The quality of transmission also must be formed on the basis of speed of Internet that the client tells and she always must pay attention to the speed of ascent of his Internet. For example: If it counts on 2MEGABYTE of ascent, the recommendable thing is to transmit at the most to 700 kbps (third part of its plan of Internet). One remembers that the plans of Internet of the companies are variable and not always they can assure the contracted thing and can also be occupying the Internet third people thus could also repel in the quality of his signal streaming.

Solution: To measure its speed of ascent of Internet from its point of transmission and to return to form its program of emission


Third common case:

Hardware also is an important point at the time of transmitting video streaming and the maintenance of the same can be key.
The resources that the computers use to process the signal are not smaller, he is by that must count on the equipment sufficient and to constantly monitor the consumption of ram memory and CPU. If these parameters alacanzan their maximum level will send a cut image to our servers and it will be reflected in the transmission of his signal of video.

Solution: To install monitoring programs or to use the necessary commandos (Alt+Ctrl+Supr for example in Windows) who allow to supervise in real time the resources of the hardware of their program of transmission.


Fourth common case:

Also we have seen in crearchile that some clients count on software problems, or that the used program to transmit is not compatible with services streaming of video, that the program does not manage to transmit correctly by the used codification or that the emitting computer has programs with virus or registries badly entered which causes that the PC of the emitter becomes very slow and the transmitted image even leave cut.

Solution: To use the transmission programs that give crearchile, which are proven 100% and work without problems with our servers. Also it is recommended to constantly scan his computer in search of some virus or malware and to maintain to update to the last version his operating system.


As it will see the factors are several that can produce that its TV channel does not manage to transmit suitably, we hoped that this article is of utility for you and its project of TV channel and if presents some consultation on the exposed thing does not doubt in opening a support ticket from the Clients Area and we will help to detect it the problem (Without additional costs).

Title article: The video signal is cut