To form vMix with Adobe Flash Mediates Encoders

In this tutorial we will see as forming its Streaming transmission video with two tools, one of her is vMix and the other is Adobe Flash Average Enconders.
The main advantage of this configuration is that it allows him to previously place recorded videos in his transmission live.
Both programs can free be unloaded from their official pages by Internet.


Our Streaming services of video are compatible 100% with this configuration, in case of still not counting on our services, we invited it to know our plans by means of:




Once installed and opened both programs, we come to form the adobe software, where it must place the given parameters of configuration at the time of activating his signal. In case of not being familiarized with this program it is recommended to read the following tutorial previously:


The only parameter that it changes in relation to the previous tutorial is the detection of the entrance camera (Device) where Video is due to select vMix as it is appraised in the following image.




Once formed and managing to connect with the program of average adobe flash encoders we went to program vMix to form our archives multimedia. Following each version unloading it will find two important bellboys in the part inferior: External and Playlist.Primero we selected Playlist and we created a list of reproduction with the archives that we wished are visualized in our signal and we left activated this option.




Soon we selected External so that the adobe program detects what we are transmitting in vMix and that is everything!


With these simple steps you will be able to directly transmit videos in his signal live contracted in