To form Flash Average Encoder

In this manual we will teach to form of optimal way the program Stupefies Flash Average Encoder so that streaming of video without majors can transmit its signal complications.
1. - We unloaded the program from his official page Click Here
2. - We executed the program and he will appear to us the following thing:
3. - Configuration

Section Video:

A) Device: To choose the device where the video was captured, can be a capturadora of video, camera Web among others.
B) Format: H264, submenu (Key of the right of format) Profile: Baseline, Level: 3.1, Keyframe Frecuency:  5 seconds
C) Frame rate: 29.97 fps, is going to depend on the configuration of the camera that gives the video signal, the important thing is that it agrees with the camera not to have desface of audio-video.
D) Input Size: To see if format is 4:3 or 16:9 and to choose the optimal configuration. To activate Option “Mantain Aspect Ratio”.
E) Bit Rate: He depends on the quality of the connection of Internet available. Recommendable 350 Kbps upwards if it is SD, 700 Kbps if it is HD.

Audio section:

F) Device: To choose the device where the audio one was captured, can be a capturadora of audio, microphone of the PC, among others.
G) Format: AAC or MP3, format AAC does not come in the normal version of the Flash Average Encoder, thus is recommended to unload from the following link. If we did not codify with AAC we will not be able to have movable compatibility.
H) Channels: Stereo
I) Sample Rate: 48000 Hertz
J) Bit Rate: 64 Kbps
The previous thing corresponds to the configuration of Hardware, now we will see as forming the servant.
First we must activate the Option “Stream to Flash Average Server”
1. - FMS URL: Streaming servant, always is a direction rtmp sent personally and is unique.
2. - Backup URL: To leave it Empty.
3. - Stream: User of stream. Shipment personally and is unique.
4. - We recommended to leave deshabilitados to the options Ajust Car and Save to cases out by a yield subject since our experience shelp to us that in some situations the computer that is becoming the transmission can present problems of resources.
5. - After inserting all the indicated parameters, to tighten Connect and will appear a new window where it will request a user and key to us. Once entered usuary and passwords we put OK.
Once pressed button OK us it will have to appear in the part left inferior that the transmission is connected (Connected)
This means that the entered configuration has been correct and it is transmitting.