Streaming podcast

The module Streaming Podcast redesigned by Crearchile recently and is thought for all type of Radio Online or TV channel, which allows to realise multiaverage publications of contents in limitless form for example; recordings of programs recently emitted or contained of audio-video, giving the possibility to the visitors of its signal of visualizing and of reproducing the contents at all moments, without concerning the hour or place where is the user. In addition our company has created a platform of administration very friendly, easy to use for all type of person without concerning the computer science knowledge that it owns.

Streaming podcast

To enter limitless contents multimedia
It can publish the contents from any connected platform to Internet
To eliminate obsolete contents with a Click
Comaptibilidad with popular extensions
Limitless title page administration
Limitless disc space
Compatible Control Panel with popular navigators Web
Design of customized module according to its requirements
Personalisation of dimensions (Wide and high)
Movable compatibility and Responsive technology
Entegamos ready code HTML for its webpage (To copy and to beat)
Technical support and helps the 24 hours of the day

Streaming podcast


The value of the module Streaming Podcast is monthly, but paying semester we free gave to a month (only pays 5 months) and two months free if it pays annually (it only pays 10 months).


How It works?

Once contracted this service in Crearchile we will communicate of immediate form with you by means of e-mail or telephone to compile information of its present project and spent 24 hours or will be able to have formed the module Podcast Streaming in its radius online or television channel. Our company will make delivery of a code HTML of the module so that it can easily be inserted in his page and in case of needing technical attendance Crearchile it will realise installation in his webpage without additional cost, only must provide the access credentials to us.

Other Modules?

In Crearchile we are a company that enchants what we do, therefore every day to us we were dedicated to create new computer science solutions for our clients or by technical requirements received or analysis of the national and international market. It is by that we want it to invite to know other modules similar to Streaming Podcast also developed by our company that of insurance will be very useful for their project Web: To see all