To activate compression gzip in cPanel



Gzip nowadays is a very important tool, which allows to only manage the optimization of its website in minutes being obtained to improve the SEO (Positioning Web) of its project for Google and other finders Web, to be able to activate this tool in its Control Panel Web Hosting contracted in and power to improve performance in the load of its webpages we invited it to read the following tutorial.


In simple words the operation of Gzip as the compression of code of programming of its website can be defined which is sent in compressed format so that it can occupy space much less and therefore it is possible to be transferred by all the network of a faster and optimal way.


In order to manage to activate the tool of Gzip compression in its website, Web Hosting must enter the Control Panel where it will find in the section “Software” and a called item: To optimize the website, soon only is to select the content that we wished to compress and to beat on “Updating configuration”. For example, if it is wanted to compress all the content of the website:




Finally we kept the changes and ready. In Crearchile we thus gave this tool without additional cost for all our clients if not yet you have a service of Web Hosting with us who delays? To see plans
Tutorial name: To activate compression gzip in cPanel