As any application of open code Joomla is put under all type of attacks of hackers. It is by that it is important to take all the measures possible to protect his Joomla site and to improve his security.   STEP 1: It maintains Joomla and its extensions respectively updated.   STEP 2: To use data of user as password […]


In this opportunity we will teach to our clients to be able To form Outlook for Emails in anyone of his versions with our Hosting services. This will allow him to send and to receive electronic mails by means of this platform.   Favor to follow the following instructions step by step to obtain a successful configuration. Once installed Microsoft Outlook in its computer, to open […]


  If it cannot accede correctly to his website, to his Control Panel or to the Webmail and it cannot send or receive e-mails either, it is possible that its IP of access to Internet has been blocked by ours firewall.   It is possible to indicate that its website is not fallen, simply implies that […]