To form accounts of mail in mobiles

In this tutorial we will see as form accounts of mail in mobiles allowing to send and to receive emails using its own domain and service of Web Hosting contracted in Crearchile (To see Hosting plans).

Once created an account of mail from the Control Panel Web Hosting (To see Tutorial How to create Accounts of Post office) it will have to enter the application of his e-mail and to select to add a new account where in case of appearing name of supplier to select: Another one


To form e-mail in movable devices


The second screen name of its account will have to enter complete e-mail and to select in type of servant: IMAP, as it regulates general we recommended to select this type of servant for mobiles and POP3 for computers. The main difference enters accounts POP3 and IMAP is that the accounts type POP3 do not leave to copy of emails in the servant and those of type IMAP if they generate copy in the servant.


Imap personnel


Later user name is come to form the entrance servant entering (E-mail), password, servant (, port (9993) and Type of security (SSL/TSL) being of the following way:


To form accounts of mail in mobiles


Once formed the entrance servant and following the assistant of the application it is come to form the servant of go out with the following parameters: name of user (E-mail), password, servant smtp ( and port (465) being of the following way:


Servant Exit


If the entered parameters have been correct will see a message in their movable application indicating that its account of e-mail has been formed correctly where will be able to directly send and to receive post office of its telephone.


Note: This tutorial of help has been developed by means of a telephone with operating system Android in its version 8.0 where the mentioned steps and parameters could be applied to any other independent movable device of their brand or operating system.


Finally to remember that also it can accede to his accounts of e-mails by means of the Webmail system.


Tutorial name: To form accounts of mail in mobiles