Recommended practices not to fall in Spam



Next it will find rules or you practice recommended so that their sent post office do not fall in the tray of Spam or post office nonWished:


1. - Before each shipment to send the message to test directions to evaluate it.

2. - Been worth the spelling of the directions to send and it verifies that the senders exist.

3. - In the body of a message texts are due to include, if there is only an image probably will fall in the folder “of mail nonwished”.

4. - The text use avoids written in capital letter and signs (! ? , *) in the subject of the message.

5. - It verifies that your emails kb of size does not surpass the 100.

6. - It avoids to send post office with attached archives

7. - Rerecuerde that the only universal format to send images is HTML.

8. - It adds to hyperbonds towards your website, creating landing pages in the same.

9. - The content of our mail will have to reflect the content of our website.

10. - To avoid the use of technical terminology or searched carefully words that you only understand.

11. - To improve the acceptance of his mail on the part of the servers destiny, he is recommendable that the email address origin has the same domain that corresponds to the server of mail smtp.

12. - To add with care functional additional in your website as ‘sending to a friend’ or surveys, forms search etc.

13. - Not to inlay in the body of the message formats as audio, video or flash.

14. - Make sure that the tool that uses to send post office fulfills standares recommended of security and authentication.

15. - Filters antiSpam of Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, when they receive post office of a new domain or IP, assign a neutral score to him and the same it enters folder Spam generally, this makes to detect if the users that receive this mail mark it as wished mail or leaves it as Spam, in case of accepting it as wished mail begins to assign to domain/IP a score but high allowing to this that the mail begins to enter the Inbox folder directly, that is to say that whatever but usuary accept as wished the originating mail of a domain but possibility that the same enters the Inbox folder directly, on the contrary is very possible that mail always arrives at the folder of mail nonwished or directly if a score is generated very under because the users mark it as Spam or leaves it in this Outlook folder it blocks the enter its servers or it would always send it to the Spam folder. Lamentably much against this system cannot be done since it depends exclusively on the end users for that reason always he is recommendable to correctly apply all the items before mentioned.

16. - To validate code HTML. Invalid or broken code HTML can as much cause problems of visualization as of quality of delivery.

17. - To use alt tags for the images. These labels show one or two words that describe to an image or an action when the image does not visualize by delay in the unloading or blockade of the same.

18. - To try that the main message of the mail is text HTML and not an image.

19. - Not to arm the message beating of tools as Word or Excel, since they add nonvisible code that could generate errors when opening the message.

20. - Ready of accepted textual sources: Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, Trebuchet, Time New Roman, Courier, Georgia.

21. - To use tables for the structure of the HTML.

22. - Not to use images as bottom (background), since they do not visualize correctly in the majority of mail clients. For individual cells images can be used as background but in several cases does not visualize them.

23. - Not to inlay the images in the email, as the case of the messages with images armed in Outlook. He is preferable to lodge them in his website, since some filters of ISPs block emails with inlhelp images.

24. - Delivery rate: it is the existing proportion between e-mails sent and those that the servers did not let pass. It is possible to mention that the number of e-mails sent usually is not the same that those that initially composed the data base of adressees.

25. - To avoid images GIF of 1×1 pixel as spacers, since many spammers use and can mark them your email as Spam.

26. - Mantén the width of emails of not more than 700 pixels. Widths majors force the adressee to do scroll horizontal. In addition, emails that is too wide is especially problematic when the adressees to only grant some seconds us of attention.