To use Wix with Hosting cPanel

If it has realised a development Web by means of the Wix platform and counts on a premium plan in wix, then it can use his own domain of the type .cl .com .net .org, etc. only must modify the registries To or CNAME.


How I modify registries A?
It must enter the Control Panel Hosting given by Crearchile where it will find a called option “advanced Publisher of zone”.



In order to connect his new domain with the platforms of Wix it will have to add the names of servers (Namservers) given by Wix by means of the following form.



In order to continue using the service of mail of Crearchile (Webmail)

In order to continue using the service of post office of, outpost must realise some changes in its “publisher of dns”



Also, you must realise a change in registry MX (Entered of MX) Control Panel Hosting, being of the following way:




Ready, with these simple steps it will be using his customized Web of Wix with the services of Hosting and Correos de If it needs additional help does not doubt in communicating with our equipment of support which will help him in all the process of configuration.