Error “508 Resource Limit is Reached” can be translated as “508 the limit of resources has been reached” Appears when its account of hosting of insistent form is surpassing the assigned and allowed resources, the monitored resources are:


  • CPU
  • Virtual memory
  • Physical memory
  • I number of concurrent processes.
  • Operations of entrance and exit per second.


All these resources are managed by means of Cloudlinux.  Which is the operating system that we used in all our Hosting servers and allows us to avoid that a single account of hosting brings about a “excessive consumption” the resources of all the servant.


Generally, the message of error “508 Resource Limit is Reached” can mean three things


1. - Su hosting is under attack. Possibly because the programs that you use are uncertain or badly are installed or formed.

2. - Plugins that it has installed have some error of programming, consumes too much memory or they never close processes. It must make sure that all the programs that are used are updated to their last version.

3. - Its Web is as much successful that will need a plan superior hosting, the one that you have at the moment is not sufficient and will have to pay a little to give capacity more to all the concurrent users whom it owns at present.  It is easy to understand that it is not the same page with 1000 users to the month that another one with 100,000 users to the month.  In this case, it will have to consult with our commercial equipment, to fit your plan to a service that complies to your needs.



The main objective is to maintain the stability and quality of the service that we offer to all our clients. If its Web is affected by this message, we assured to him that it has solution, but will be necessary to determine the proportions its needs so that all the clients have the service who deserve.



Make sure to review logs of errors in his Hosting. Often it is in this place where you can find good tracks to identify where it is the problem.