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  • Published the day 18-01-2016
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When you wish to publish its website is seen in the necessity to count on a service of hosting that adjusts to the requirements of the site. Nevertheless not always it is clear which are these requirements. In this article we will see some of the differences that exist in the two platforms of Hosting that gives Crearchile and we will clarify some existing erroneous concepts.


When we spoke of Web Hosting two of the platforms of greater demand they are Windows and Linux. Although these operating systems have differences of great relevance, in the ambient Web its difference is in the type of data base and programming languages that they support, as we see it next:


Linux servers:
These servers count on support for PHP and data bases MySQL and PostgreSQL among others, thus are the best option for sites with applications developed in this type of languages.


Servers Windows:
In this type of hosting you will be able to publish sites developed in HTML, ASP, .NET and even PHP although usually is not a frequent option; with respect to the data bases they count on support for Excel, Access, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL.


Myths and errors
The diversity of platforms has generated some confusions between the users and owners of websites. It is quite common to see usuary that they count on a flat website (HTML), and that contracts hosting Windows because they think that this election depends on the operating system of the equipment in which it was designed or from that is consulted.


If you do not know the type of programming that owns its site, simply it enters to this and it sails in the different pages, whenever it accedes to one pays attention in which the direction finishes that appears in the bar of directions, if it finishes in .php, .html, .asp or any other extension. That way it will know if its site requires hosting in Linux or Windows according to the language in which it is developed.


It is important to mention that as much Windows as Linux supports the installation of managers of contents as Joomla, WordPress, magento, to name some. Although according to our experience the recommendation is Linux by the compatibility that it owns in terms of programming language.


Due to the lack of information it is important to consult correctly not to make a bad investment. It is important that it always consults this point with the company that development its website or with their technical adviser, by all means our advisers also will be able to guide it on the platform of hosting that better adjusts to its needs and the characteristics of its site.