App Crearchile


The application of Crearchile already is available for its unloading and is compatible with Android and IOS (iPhone). It owns functionalities that of insurance will be of their degree as present client or future client of Crearchile. Next it is detailed what will be able to realise with the application of Crearchile unloading and installing in its cellular device:


1. - At the time of opening the application it will appear a message of welcome and help so that it can contract by means of app.


2. - In the main menu it will find a called section to contract, where it will be able to choose the service that is of their preference and to contract the service by means of a simple car of purchases of 3 steps, where the last step corresponds to the payment of services in which it will be able to pay by means of: Banking Webpay (Debit cards and Credit), Servipag, Transferences or bank deposits. We remember that the payment by means of banking transference or bank deposits requires notification of payment (To see point 3 of this article).


3. - To notify Payment: Simple form that will allow to warn ours when a payment by means of bank deposit or banking transference is realised and will allow to make agile the times of delay for activation of new services and renovation of the same. (If it needs to know the number collection note to see point 7).


4. - To ask for Invoice: Completing the data asked for by means of the movable platform it can solicit that they send to his e-mail an authorized electronic invoice to him by SII of the services contracted in Crearchile or renewed recently.


5. - Serve: Like in our webpage we have available this section that allows to review in real time the state of all our services, which is connected with each of our services and in case of some disadvantage by part ours it will be reflected of immediate form.


The following sections correspond to menu of client, where people will be able to only accede who have contracted a service in Crearchile, to accede must enter e-mail and password, in case of not knowing its credentials access can write a to us: [email protected] and we will send his new data to him of accesses.


6. - My account: It shows a small summary of the last movements realised as client of Crearchile, where it will be able to observe if it owns some note of pending collection to pay, to see his personal data and a module of statistics on the basis of the contracted services.


7. - Notes of collection: It allows to see if it owns some note of pending collection of payment and notes of collection that has phelp the last time. From this section also it can pay the services that do not find non-payments.


8. - Ticket of Support: It allows to open a new requirement that presents or to review the present state of some opened ticket, the platform will allow him to enter answers of the open case and it will be notified by means of e-mail when Crearchile enters some answer or possible solution to its requirements.


9. - My data: It corresponds to the information stored in our data bases of his card as client, which can be changed sending an email a: [email protected]


10. - My services: It allows to visualize the effective services and their date of victory.


11. - My Domains: If it has some domain registered by our company can know the date victory and the state that this is.


12. - Notifications: Section that is divided in two subcategories, the first call “Notifications Payments”, which allow to see all the realised payments and to know the present state each of them. And the second called subcategory “Electronic Invoices” that it allows to visualize tributary the document requests asked for and to know the present state each of them.


We hope that this complete new solution for movable devices is of utility for our clients and allows to make agile the processes and to create a new communication channel with our company. If not yet you have it installed on your telephone that delays?



IOS (iPhone)