V3 Control Panel Video


Already is available version 3.0 of our Control Panel for streaming of video, where some errors found in their new use have been corrected and we have added functionality, which are detailed next:


1. - Certificate implementation SSL where now our clients will be able to incorporate the signal of video in any webpage with https.

2. - Solved the disadvantage of the button of enlarging image in the reproducer when it was inserted in external webpages.

3. - Incorporation again module test of speed of Internet which now works all the existing navigators Web.

4. - New section to ask for the reproducer popup, which counts on chat of social networks and videos On Demand.

5. - New version of the video reproducer, with elegant design and 100% created in language html5.


These are some improvements incorporated in our new version if it wishes to know more information of this Control Panel we recommended to visit: https://webhostinghispano.com/panel-de-control-streaming-video/