problems Internet

  This problem is due to a variety of reasons that to the end indicates that the channel that uses to raise to the signal this congested one. These possible problems can be (but not to limit itself):   1 - You this raising the signal with a stop possibly try, instead of 80kbs or 96kps, this raising […]


  Next it will find rules or you practice recommended so that their sent post office do not fall in the tray of Spam or post office nonWished:   1. - Before each shipment to send the message to test directions to evaluate it. 2. - Been worth the spelling of the directions to send and it verifies that the senders exist. 3. - […]

Web Hosting Chile

If it has realised a development Web by means of the Wix platform and counts on a premium plan in wix, then it can use his own domain of the type .cl .com .net .org, etc. only must modify the registries To or CNAME.   How I modify registries A? ] Must enter the Control Panel Hosting given by Crearchile […


Error “508 Resource Limit is Reached” can be translated as “508 the limit of resources has been reached” Appears when its account of hosting of insistent form is surpassing the assigned and allowed resources, the monitored resources are:   CPU Virtual memory Physical Memory I number of concurrent processes. Operations of entrance and exit by […]

to esuchar music

It is important that its transmitter propagates in different platforms and still more where every day an increase of cell phones in our country takes place and the movable compatibility becomes essential in its radius contracted in Crearchile, thus we have created this tutorial that explains the two forms that we at the moment have for […]


In this tutorial we will see as forming its Streaming transmission video with two tools, one of her is vMix and the other is Adobe Flash Average Enconders. The main advantage of this configuration is that it allows him to previously place recorded videos in his transmission live. Both programs can be unloaded from their official pages by […]

to sambroadcaster

These are the steps to form SAM Broadcaster and power to transmit correctly with the servers Streaming de Crearchile. 1. - First we installed and we initiated the program SAM to broadcaster (We recommended to initiate it to complete window to be able to see all the options available) 2. - Then, we will add an inner window called “Encoders” for it we will go away to the menu superior […]


In this opportunity we will teach to emit Streaming de Video from a mobile with operating system Android or IOS and our services Streaming de Video. First that we must do is to unload the called application “Wowza GoCoder”, we installed we accepted the terms of conditions and we executed obtaining:     In the left part superior] will appear to us […


  In this opportunity we will teach to form his radius online of simple way, using a called Program Butt which will be the one in charge to send its contents of audio from its computer to the servers of Crearchile for its later propagation (Auditors).   The first step to realise is the unloading of the program, that later […]


In this Tutorial we will teach to form Virtual program DJ to be able to transmit with our services streaming (If not yet it counts on Streaming in Crearchile can review our plans here)   Configuration 1. - Once installed the program we go away to the eyelash “Record” and selected “To emit”     2. - Once pressed the button […]