Development Web radio online

Development Web radio online

With Crearchile it will be able to initiate his project of development Web radio online of easy, fast and professional way, which will allow him not only to save money but also will be endorsed by a human equipment highly described for this type as work with more than seven years of experience in the heading of development of radial projects. Our plans will allow their transmitter to emit in direct or deferred their favourite musical content and to arrive at any part of the world of very simple and intuitive way. It will not have to worry to contract an external company that maintains its webpage or to pay by each modification in its webpage since you and the times will be able to make the changes of contents same that she considers necessary without having to pay additional!

$ 200.000

Unique payment

Independent radio

  • Development Web radio online
  • Web Hosting Extra free 1 year
  • Premium audio reproducer
  • 5 Sections in menu
  • Audio Streaming free 1 Month
  • It does not include Domain

What is the work methodology?

Once contracted to the service of development Web radio online our work party will communicate with you and we will make arrive at its email a form in Word format that will have to fill up to begin with its new project Web, once our company receives the information is begun to work of immediate form in its new website, finally once approved by the client the website is published by Internet and can visualized by everybody.

Whichever delay the development?

The time that delays our company in developing its radial project is of only 5 working days once received the information asked for to the client (Form).

What includes the service?

The service of development Web radio online includes: development Web, Web hosting (Lodging) and streaming of Audio. The only thing that it does not include is the domain where also we can manage the registry if it prefers it. contact

That Control Panel is used for the Web?

We work with Worpress, which is one of the best managers of contents of the last times reaching to a 30% of all the websites developed and published by Internet. Also we used Pluginsy Widgets customized and created by Crearchile so that this Control Panel is friendly and can realise modifications easily.

Forget preoccupations, with our development plans Web radio online his radial project always will be available.


Than 50 projects Web of radios more online 7 years have been developed by Crearchile in the last, trying to always fulfill the expectations of our clients and always thinking that if contract a service of development with us is so that it is used and it does not have to squander its money, we want that their radio station is different from the rest and obtains new auditors with a new remarkable image!

Description of the plan:

Personalisation of colors according to its radius
Friendly Control Panel CMS
Technology Responsive and HTML5 (Adaptable to different devices)
Movable compatibility with lateral menu
To realise limitless changes of contents and loads of archives
Structural changes in modules of contents
Form of contact and location of its radio transmitter
To create, to publish or to eliminate categories of the news
Modules installed and available as Instagram, the Time and Twitter
To share the news with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Whatsapp
Module that shows the random news in main page
Connections of social networks as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube
Intelligent finder of contents in all the website