Next it will find the help necessary to form accounts of DJS in his radio transmitter, the advantage that has this system is that it allows to give access data separately to the people who can connect and transmit in their radius online.   1. - To enter the Control Panel and search Dj Manager Note: […]


  In order to improve the security of its WordPress, we will see a series of tips immediately very simple, within reach of everybody, that as minimum a little but difficult to the next crook put the things to him that pays attention to your Web.   STEP 1: Name of user Must avoid this type of user (admin, […]


As any application of open code Joomla is put under all type of attacks of hackers. It is by that it is important to take all the measures possible to protect his Joomla site and to improve his security.   STEP 1: It maintains Joomla and its extensions respectively updated.   STEP 2: To use data of user as password […]


In this opportunity we will teach to our clients to be able To form Outlook for Emails in anyone of his versions with our Hosting services. This will allow him to send and to receive electronic mails by means of this platform.   Favor to follow the following instructions step by step to obtain a successful configuration. Once installed Microsoft Outlook in its computer, to open […]


Unloading of Software 1 - first that we must do it is to lower following program FTP (FileZilla) from the following connection: Installation of Software 2 - To install Program FTP in its computer (Configuration by defect). Configuration of Software 3 - To form Program FTP: Host or Servidor: IP or URL given at the time of activating its signal (Email […]


  If it cannot accede correctly to his website, to his Control Panel or to the Webmail and it cannot send or receive e-mails either, it is possible that its IP of access to Internet has been blocked by ours firewall.   It is possible to indicate that its website is not fallen, simply implies that […]

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In this manual we will teach to form of optimal way the program Stupefies Flash Average Encoder so that streaming of video without majors can transmit its signal complications.   1. - We unloaded the program from his official page Click Here   2. - We executed the program and he will appear to us the following thing:     3. - Configuration Section Video: A) […]


Several clients have asked the compatibility to us of this program to transmit streaming of audio by means of Internet, although it is certain that she does not count on a compatible configuration with shoutcast exist other methods to be able to transmit his signal of audio with this program.   1. - First that we must do he is to unload and to install Zara […]


In this opportunity we will teach to transmit one radio online using a special program called “compatible Butt” with his APPLE computer (iMac for example, Po to wer Mac, Book, etc.) with OSX, the definition of this program is described next: Butt is a simple program that allows to send sound from the sound card towards […]


  In this tutorial we will detail to software or programs that will be able to use for the audio transmission of in direct with technology compatible Shoutcast and Icecast2 with our services streaming and its operating system. In case of still not counting on a service with us, Sam Broadcaster (Version Pro) advanced Software can review our plans here […]