How to protect Joomla of computer science attacks

As any application of open code Joomla is put under all type of attacks of hackers. It is by that it is important to take all the measures possible to protect his Joomla site and to improve his security.


STEP 1: It maintains Joomla and its extensions respectively updated.



To use strong data of user as password.

First of all, you must avoid the use of names of user by defect as “admin” or “administrator”. Those will be for the first time in the list of words of an attacking potential could try.


It does not use common words for the passwords as the love, God, to happen, admin, admin123, etc.

It avoids the personal information in the passwords as his personal or familiar name.

It avoids generators of passwords. Generators of passwords use algorithms to generate the passwords that can turns it jeopardize by an attacker.

It uses so many special characters (*! @ #) $), the numbers and the uppercase letters in the password as it is possible.




Step 3: It uses suitable Permissions and Property archives.

We recommended to him that it follows these suggestions for its permissions of folders and archives:

It establishes the permissions for the folders of Joomla to 755

It establishes the permissions for the archives of Joomla to 644

Configuration.php to 444 establishes the permissions for the file

It never uses 777 (complete access) permissions!




STEP 4: Use of extensions of Joomla for its Security

The use of extensions of security is another way easy to improve its Joomla website. The extension of security has been developed on the part of the manufacturer (jHackGuard) that is free for its unloading by any person. Next it will find a list of the most popular extensions of security of Joomla:


Akeeba Admin Tools

to jomDefender



STEP 5: To realise backup copies of its Joomla site

He is recommendable that has the endorsement of the website of joomla by any eventuality or attempt of hackeo.


It can realise backup of two forms:

A client FTP can always be used to transfer all the archives of Joomla and folders in the local hard disk but before everything must compress the information to be able to unload and also to remove their data base from phpmyadmin of their Control Panel of hosting.




To use Akeeba Backup to generate backup automatic of complete way of the site which includes directories and data base.

This module can unload it and install it in his joomla.


5STEP 6: It protects his Page Administrator of joomla.

You can to a great extent improve the security of his Joomla website if the access to its area of administration is restricted.

1. - To accede to its Control Panel of hosting or vps hosting with cpanel (Contracted in Crearchile) and to choose Protection of Directories with password.



2. - To locate the folder to what we will protect with a password.



3. - When acceding to the directory it will appear the window of Login to enter the data.



With these simple steps its webpage with manager of Joomla contents will be safer and it will be avoided to spend bad short whiles.