To form Outlook for Emails

In this opportunity we will teach to our clients to be able To form Outlook for Emails in anyone of his versions with our Hosting services.
This will allow him to send and to receive electronic mails by means of this platform.


Favor to follow the following instructions step by step to obtain a successful configuration.

Once installed Microsoft Outlook in its computer, to open the configuration assistant and to place:





Where we must place our name (It can be anyone), the e-mail that we are forming, incoming and salient servant (It is the same direction for both) and our password as superior is appraised in the image.

Then, we went to “More Configurations” lateral button and formed:





Finally we went to the formed eyelash advancing leaving of the following way:





It is important to mention that the servant of entrance POP3 is port 100 and the one of exit corresponds to the 26.


Finally we placed to accept and we finalized the configuration, if everything leaves correct will have to give the following message: