Remote support TeamViewer

In this article we will explain the correct form with respect to the request of remote assistance so that our professional equipment of CREARCHILE can enter its computer remotely and to realise the necessary configurations so that it can use our services optimally, the steps are very simple and they are detailed next:

1. - To unload the TeamViewer program from its official page and last version doing click here

2. - To execute the unloaded program so that the installation can begin

The installation of the TeamViewer program is realised a single time and selecting to private way his use it can limitlessly be gratuitous. When finalizing the installation assistant and initiating the program this will give YOU GO and Password, which must be sent to our company or by means of ticket of support or by means of Whatsapp and we will be able to enter his computer and thus to qualify the services contracted in Crearchile!