Web Hosting Chile

The plans Web Hosting Chile are thought for particular people, small or medians companies that wish to count on a professional Web hosting with high availability, excellent speed (servers in Chile) and stability at the time of executing processes of any website. In Crearchile we counted with more than seven years of experience in Web hosting in Chile and have a human equipment highly described that will help it in needs it and when it considers it necessary (Attention 24/7/365).

$ 19.000


Basic plan

  • 1GB disc Space SSD
  • 10 Subdominios
  • 1 Base de Datos
  • 10 Cuentas de Email
  • Limitless monthly Transference
  • 10 Cuentas FTP
  • Antispam/Anti-virus
$ 29.000


Plan Extra

  • 2GB disc Space SSD
  • 20 Subdominios
  • 2 Bases de Datos
  • 20 Cuentas de Email
  • Limitless monthly Transference
  • 20 Cuentas FTP
  • Antispam/Anti-virus
$ 49.000


Average plan

  • 5GB disc Space SSD
  • 50 Subdominios
  • 5 Bases de Datos
  • 50 Cuentas de Email
  • Limitless monthly Transference
  • 50 Cuentas FTP
  • Antispam/Anti-virus
$ 79.000


Gold plan

  • 8GB disc Space SSD
  • 80 Subdominios
  • 8 Bases de Datos
  • 80 Cuentas de Email
  • Limitless monthly Transference
  • 80 Cuentas FTP
  • Antispam/Anti-virus

Crearchile is one of the few companies that physically has servers located in our country, for that reason we are convinced our plans Web hosting Chile will be of their affability and will be with us for a long time.

The prices Web hosting Chile are expressed in Chilean pesos with IVA including.


In Crearchile we counted on the last version of the Control Panel cPanel so that it can administer his webpage easily and independently, where it will be able to administer email accounts and to have access to webmail for each created account, to change passwords of post office, to create accesses FTP, to administer configuration, data base and change of versions PHP, to review statistics of his website, to create programmed tasks, to create subdomains and limitless redirections, to administer the archives of his Web and much more. In case of requiring attendance on functionalities of cPanel it can communicate with us by means of the platform of clients and we will help it without additional cost.

to rvsitebuilder

When contracting a plan Web Hosting in Crearchile will be able to accede free of charge to this incredible tool which is 100% in Spanish and allows to create websites easily, of intuitive way and without needing having computer science knowledge, where it will be able to choose between more than 4000 pre-established designs and to create customized content if it needs it. Another important advantage is that it allows to realise backup copy of his website to continue working at another moment if wishes it and for generating previous views before publishing his new website. In order to use this tool cPanel must visit the Control Panel Web Hosting and only look for the RVSitebuilder name. To see RVSitebuilder Article

For which Crearchile and not another one?

Own Datacenter

We have own datacenters located in different localities within the national territory allowing to a total control from the services and immediate answers.

Migration Free

If you come from another supplier Web Hosting we will be in charge to completely transfer their account towards our servers free.


We use technology of CloudLinux virtualization allowing to separate each surroundings of work and increasing yield and security of the stored data.

Softaculous Free

Automatic installer of applications as Joomla, WordPress, magento and many more. To see Softaculous Article

Immediate activation

In only a pair of minutes we validated its payment and we sent credentials of access of the plan contracted its e-mail.


It will be able to increase to his plan Web Hosting when it wishes only paying it the difference and without affecting the operation of his website.

WordPress compatibility

If it has thought to take to desarrrollar a project Web using the WordPress platform has arrived at the indicated place since all our plans Web Hosting Chile are compatible 100% with this manager of contents (WordPress in Spanish) since in Crearchile we have servers formed especially for this platform, reason why we can guarantee security (monitoring and detection of Malware) and speed for all the visitors of its webpage. Also we offer service of migration where its website in WordPress can be transfer to our Web servers Hosting Chile in a few minutes and without additional cost.

Our forms of payment are: Banking transference or bank deposit, Paypal, Credit cards, RedCompra, Servipag and Multicaja.

Immediately after the hiring of the service it will receive a welcome email and once the payment has been confirmed we will form his account and will begin to receive new messages related to the activation of his Web Hosting.

Our networks and infrastructure of last generation allow to guarantee to you a 100% us of uptime nevertheless we left opening to a minimum possible failure and is by which we indicated 99.99% of uptime.

For the migration we will ask for data to you of access to the present Web hosting: user and password of the panel. There are special cases where perhaps we evaluate if a gratuitous migration is possible or if this has some position.

For your tranquillity, in Crearchile we realised backups automatic of all the information of your account of hosting (post office/data bases/archives).

No, you only must totally accept our “Terms and Conditions on watch”. It is by fact that when contracting already has read the same.

The propagation of DNS is the time during which the information of the DNS of its domain is dispersed in the servers of the network of Internet around everybody. The time of Propagation oscillates between 24 to 48 hours although sometimes he is much smaller. The propagation takes two forms, the changes of its DNS and the changes of its WHOIS information. The WHOIS is the information of the proprietor, administrator, technical contact and payer of a domain, the changes of this information can take up to 72 hours in propagating.

No, the plans of Web Hosting must be phelp of annual form. It remembers in the same way that it has a guarantee by 30 days of satisfaction on watch and in case of not being as, we give back his money to him.