Lack ferocity Web

In Crearchile with our service of lack ferocity Web its website always will be updated: free of visual errors, improvements and security for the visitors of its project Web. We count on a professional human equipment with more than 8 years of experience in lack ferocity Web where it will only have to send us the material that wants to place in its Web and we will be in charge of the rest, thus his website will be always and their potential clients will thank for it.

$ 25.000

Monthly value

Basic plan

  • 1 to 5 updates
  • Updates of WordPress
  • Update of Plugins
  • Backup copies
  • Monitor of Uptime and Seguridad
  • Access to use statistics
$ 45.000

Monthly value

Medium plan

  • 6 to 10 updates
  • Modification of contents
  • Suggestions of improvement
  • Monitoring of speed
  • Consultant's office in corporative mail
  • Moderation of commentaries
$ 150.000

Monthly value

Advanced plan

  • 11 to 20 updates
  • 8 Hours of development spent
  • Dynamic monitoring of SEO
  • Strategic planning
  • Consultant's office in digital Marketing
  • Gratuitous connection SSL

Maximum time

Publication of the updates contracted in less than 24 hours.

Without Contracts

Monthly payments of lack ferocity Web and terms on watch when it wishes it.

Arranged To help

We realise all type of work Web with a work party highly described.

It causes that their Web is an active place for their company, business or undertaking. Contact


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Description of its Web


In Crearchile we offer a service of lack ferocity integral and customized Web for its company.

Modifications and graphical changes in covers and internal pages.

Incorporation of images in existing webpages.

Text changes.

Incorporation and administration of content.

Creation of new webpages or sections.

Modifications to improve the positioning Web.

Statistics of visits.

Photographic adjustments.

Reconstruction of contents.

Customized attention.