What connection I need to transmit streaming of audio

Several clients ask day to us day with respect to the minimum speed of connection to Internet that is needed to transmit online its radius, is by that there are preparation this article where we will speak of the type of existing connections in Chile, and the quality of recommendable transmission for its project radio online. Types of Connections […]

to teamviewer

In this article we will explain the correct form with respect to the request of remote assistance so that our professional equipment of CREARCHILE can enter its computer remotely and to realise the necessary configurations so that it can use our services optimally, the steps are very simple and they are detailed next: 1. - To unload the TeamViewer program from […]

Marco agreement

We are happy! Since our Crearchile company has been selected as to direct supplier of the state with the public licitation “Data to center and Associate Services”. Connections, Internet, cloud computing and complementary services.     The Marco Agreement is a purchase modality that it has as purpose of making agile the process of purchases for the public organizations of […]


In this new article we will teach to create a new webpage using the RVsitebuilder tool, which is free of charge including in all our plans Web Hosting.     We enter the Control Panel Web Hosting cPanel and looked for the RVsitebuilder tool, we make click and [will leave a new window to us to begin to create his…]

Before loading its favorite videos to the system Dvj Car of our service Streaming de Video this must make sure that the quality of the archives multimedia is the optimal ones, will allow to raise greater amount him of archives with more duration and maintaining an excellent quality, in addition it will allow that its signal has a better yield for his […]

Differences between Shoutcast and Icecast

  When we decided to create a radio transmitter and to transmit contents of audio by Internet we must make a very important decision since when contracting a Streaming de Audio the system of orders will give the option us of servant Shoutcast or Icecast. It is by that in this article we will speak of the main differences between […]

video play streaming

This new system called Video Streaming Play has been developed from zero and released recently by our company and is a perfect complement anywhere to be incorporated Web that transmits streaming of video live.  We invited it to know the 10 main characteristics Video Streaming Play and because] must have it in his […

To use kick in Shoutcast

  Today we will teach To use kick in Shoutcast which allows to disconnect from point of emission To and managing to connect to the radio signal from a second point of emission B without affecting the signal of emitted radio. This tool is compatibility with the present Control Panels given by Crearchile WhmSonic and Centovacast. […]

Remote classes with Streaming Video

Remote classes with Streaming Video already are a reality in Chile. From now on it will be able to teach by Internet at low cost and to have his own virtual classroom in only minutes.     In certain occasions we see ourselves in the necessity to transmit live or to generate educative contents at a distance, to manage to be successful in […]