Terms and Conditions


Our services can be only used for legal intentions, any use of the services that breaks any law that can be applied to Crearchile, their local jurisdiction, or any jurisdiction to which you are conformed, is prohibited final. This means that whereas uses the service, you cannot:

1. To provide or to spread information that attempts with the effective Law in our Chilean legislation.
2. Incorporation/Publication of Illegal contents such as Pirate, audio Content and video without the rights of Author, adult or pornographic content.
3. To use script or hostile software without to be approved by a specialist, maintaining this in inadequate states and affects the yield of served.
4. Abusive language, offenses and/or threats towards the personnel of Crearchile. In case this fact happens will put term immediate to the contract of the services, without reclamation right some on the part of the client at issue.


The activities that under no concept will allow in the Servers and/or served by Crearchile are the following:

Spamming: Shipment of not asked for advertising electronic communications to those with that the Client does not have previous trade relation. Spoofing: Use of an email address of answer that is not the direction of valid answer of the sender or shipment of an e-mail message that does not contain the sufficient information as allowing the receiver to identify the person who really is sending the message. Passive Spamming: Promotion of a website lodged in Crearchile doing Spam of some or another sending source. Trolling: Shipment of message controverted to groups of the news with the only objective to generate answers and to disturb the operation of the group at issue. Mailbombing: To flood to the user with e-mail without intention to establish correspondence. Phishing: Type of crime fitted within the scope of the cybernetic swindles, and that is committed by means of the use of a type of social engineering characterized to try to acquire confidential data of a fraudulent form.


The present agreement between “Crearchile” and the “Client” will last indefinite and it does not put dates at the end of the service unless the Client asks for it, the client does not have obligations some to remain with the services, is free to put term to the service when he considers it advisable. In the same way Crearchile can put term to the service or the case of the nonfulfillment of the stipulated thing in this electronic document.


Crearchile will lend the Client, who it accepts for himself, a service of Development, related Hosting, Domains, Streaming, VPS or Services, according to the conditions that are detailed in the plan that it contracted, and that by this one act, occurs by well-known and accepted by the contracting parts. Crearchile declares to lodge its services in different Datacenters located in Chile. According to its availability and technical feasibility.


Crearchile, will not become person in charge under any circumstance by the following reasons.

– Earthquakes and Natural disasters whom they prevent to give the service. – It cuts of National and/or International Enlaces that is provided by external Companies. – You cut prolonged of Electrical Energy that derives in exceeding the capacity of regeneration of this by means of external companies. – Loss of data and/or information eliminated on the part of the client. – Bad configuration and disasters of the service by its evil use.


All contracted limitless service in Crearchile will not be supervised by our company, this means that it will be able to obtain the maximum allowed according to resources and connectivity available for the servant. If it were gotten to affect to other clients within the servant these will be restricted for the continuity and improves of the given service.


Crearchile will offer guarantee of return of money to the client if it appears some technical disadvantage on the part of our company the first 30 days from his date of purchase. This benefit is not applicable to services of development Web or development of movable applications.

If the client for some reason: he realises an advance payment or he pays to an amount superior to the generated one in the collection note or simply he stops of the purchase of some of our services before the first 30 days, Crearchile will apply a credit in favor of the client by the phelp amount applying discounts following the type on watch: payment of licenses, commissions by card concept credit or debit, applied manpower, among others. Where the client will be able to use this new balance to buy any other service that is published in our website.


The Tariffs published in the webhostinghispano.com Website or crearchile.cl will have to be respected for the client, nevertheless, Crearchile has all the right to modify their list of prices according to considers advisable, maintaining it therefore the fixed price by which the client was caught, to excepsión of “valid Promotions until granted date or she exhausts of Stock”.

The Collections by additional services are accepted by the client, in no Crearchile case it can increase the price by “additional Positions” without evaluating proportional to the current of the service, that is to say, that the same client asks for it.

The Payments of services are realised of form Appellant or unique payment according to the agreement and the engaged type on watch, of being Appellant, every month to the client is applied a note to him of collection ahead of time of 5 days before his victory with the total amount to cancel by the service, once overcome the note of collection, Crearchile is in all the right to suspend the contracted service.

In case the present Client you dwell or pending debts with Crearchile, this it will be reason for suspension of the service excluding services indispensable for the client where it can request one prorogues of payment by necessary reasons (Only once), this does not include specific services that work with payments of commercial licenses to external commerces, before this Crearchile has the right to acquire the pending days counted by the payment, not doing an opportune surcharge according to the Chilean Law of the consumer.


Crearchile will maintain available the following mass media in case the client wishes to communicate with our company: Fixed and Cellular telephone, corporative Number of Whatsapp, Post office, Form of contact, Ticket of Support and Chat in line. In case of not working some of them the client will have to use different mass media.


The Client declares to have read with attention this article and declares that she perfectly knows the terms and the conditions of the stipulated and contracted service.