We are a company formed by professional young people in the computer science area. We count on ample knowledge in programming, design and publicity in Internet. We have as main objective, to offer efficient solutions for computer science projects using last technology in our services. We own clients around whom they guarantee the efficiency and quality of our services. At present we offer: Audio Streaming and Video HD, Hosting or Web Hosting, Reseller Services, Designs Web to size, virtual development of system or applications and servers or VPS.


To create efficient, profitable and innovating solutions technological, responsibly and it jeopardize with our clients, who allow considerably to improve the companies that contract each of our services.


To manage to be leaders in next technological projects within the four years, being created efficient and profitable solutions to satisfy the needs with our clients of form it jeopardize and responsible. To be recognized as a reliable company and leader in computer science solutions.


Responsibility: the good service offered to the client, is most important for us.
Transparency: to communicate necessary information and of comprehensible form to the client.
Commitment: to guarantee a service that will give the wished results.
Seriousness: to be professional in the given service, guaranteeing the responsibility and stability that the client looks for.
Honesty: to select the optimal solution for its project.
Confidentiality: to maintain a policy of discretion with the information and projects required by the client.
Punctuality: the advances and delivery of projects always will be in the decided terms.

Objective market

We mainly focused in organizations and companies that require the use of technologies of information and related services to technological platforms at level Web, which they need to generate a presence and to be competitive through Internet.