Our Crearchile company owns to datacenter 100% national with superfluous systems in all the layers that allow to give an intelligent computer science solution us in all the given services. Additionally we told on system of external endorsements our datacenter, optical fiber connection, connects National: 2 xs 1G, connect the International: 200 Mbps, superfluous Balance of loads by connections, Generator set of endorsement, superfluous Cooling system, to name some.


As it leaves from our model of interconnection we counted on own independent system and independent optical fiber accesses to Data Center to each other being connected directly main traverse of the PIT's (points of traffic interchange) having given to redundancy and real and immediate endorsement before any failure of connectivity. Additionally our equipment of network has been resulted in N+1 modality eliminating this way unique points of faults which allows us to grant discharge availability to its services critics, protecting our technological platform and reducing to the risks product of nonavailability of services and losses of information.


The measurement of the Uptime for all our given services is in charge of the external company called Paessler which is the one in charge to monitor our servers every second separately checking the availability in each of our servers. At present Crearchile Ofrece an annual UpTime of 99.98%, without entering the tasks of maintenance planned, problems derived from the use of the client. Mainly destined to programmed lack ferocities of the servers or some unforeseen circumstance that could not be detected in time.


RTO is the time that needs Crearchile to recover the services after a disaster (or other interruptions) with the purpose of to avoid interruption in the continuity of the given services, is by that our company is committed to leave operative to the services in maximum 24 hours. On the other hand RPO is the period in which it would be possible to be lost the data of some service given by our company. For the tranquillity of our clients, Crearchile realises automatic endorsements in monthly form of all the servers who are in our Datacenter allowing to recover and to recover the information in just a short time.

Electrical current

Made up of independent electrical routes, we used UPS APC (American Power Conversion) of double conversion designed to operate in surroundings critics producing constant electrical stability. As measurement of additional protection we counted on three-phase generator set Cummins (32Kva) + generator of endorsement of (10Kva) in case there was a prolonged or national or regional electrical cut. Guaranteeing the availability energetics in case of any fault in the electrical provision.

Air conditioning

We count on a complete system of independent air conditioning N+1 that allows us to operate to a stable temperature at any time of the year. Assuring an optimal atmosphere for the operation servers and equipment of telecommunications.

External security

The accesses to our operative center are monitored 24 hours following a policy security levels allowing to only enter authorized personnel. Between the security systems they include system of fire detection, peripheral alarm, CCTV 24X7 and monitoring of our personnel.