For the unloading and installation of program OBS Studio we must go to the official page or realise the search open to broadcaster software in Google where we will have to accede to the first result search. Once unloaded and installed program OBS we went to the eyelash File – Configuration and go to Emission. Here […]

RadioBOSS is a software of automatization of radio developed by DJSoft.net. It makes simple and fast turn and administer resources of audio, as well as the creation of lists of reproduction with advertising wedges, hour blocks, rotations, music uninterrupted, made level automatic and other professional characteristics, and] allows him to reproduce the lists of reproduction in its system of […

to teamviewer

In this article we will explain the correct form with respect to the request of remote assistance so that our professional equipment of CREARCHILE can enter its computer remotely and to realise the necessary configurations so that it can use our services optimally, the steps are very simple and they are detailed next: 1. - To unload the TeamViewer program from […]


In this new article we will teach to create a new webpage using the RVsitebuilder tool, which is free of charge including in all our plans Web Hosting.     We enter the Control Panel Web Hosting cPanel and looked for the RVsitebuilder tool, we make click and [will leave a new window to us to begin to create his…]

Before loading its favorite videos to the system Dvj Car of our service Streaming de Video this must make sure that the quality of the archives multimedia is the optimal ones, will allow to raise greater amount him of archives with more duration and maintaining an excellent quality, in addition it will allow that its signal has a better yield for his […]

Virtual DJ

In this new tutorial of Crearchile we will explain the steps to follow To form Virtual DJ with our services of Streaming de Video, in addition to the main advantages when using this software and that I need to obtain a fluid emission and with excellent quality of video.     First that we will do it is to unload and to install […]

Differences between Shoutcast and Icecast

  When we decided to create a radio transmitter and to transmit contents of audio by Internet we must make a very important decision since when contracting a Streaming de Audio the system of orders will give the option us of servant Shoutcast or Icecast. It is by that in this article we will speak of the main differences between […]

To on Facebook insert Iframe HTML Audio Streaming or Video

To insert Iframe HTML Audio Streaming or Video on Facebook is possible thanks to a called application “Static HTML iframe abatis” which was created by the developers Timothy Kitchen and Jason Padvorac and allows to enter external content to the more famous social network of the world. In this article we will see as they are the minimum requirements to obtain […]

whmsonic or centovacast

At the time of contracting to an Audio service streaming in Crearchile (To see plans) it will have the option to choose the Control Panel, where at the moment we have two powerful WhmSonic solutions or Centovacast, do both allow to administer their signal of radio but what is better? It reviews this article so that it can make a correct and informed decision.     […]