What connection I need to transmit streaming of audio

Several clients ask day to us day with respect to the minimum speed of connection to Internet that is needed to transmit online its radius, is by that there are preparation this article where we will speak of the type of existing connections in Chile, and the quality of recommendable transmission for its project radio online.

Types of Connections

Many types of connections to Internet exist, being most stable the optical fiber and in the case of the ADSL connections, also usually they are quite stable generally but the speed of ascent more is limited. In the case of the movable connections (3G or 4G), every time they are improving the more and reducing the latency and improving the stability.

Quality of Transmission

To more quality of emission, more consumption of data and more connection of ascent. For this reason, we will have to consider the quality of emission that we contracted. Not only by the shipment of the signal, but also it is necessary to think about the reception. Although we have great speed of ascent, we must think about the listeners, and in which many of them already are going to us to listen from mobile phones, with connections to Internet not always very fast, and with a measured consumption of data.

Generally, is very habitual to use quality of 128kbps in MP3, since a quality in which the sound is good, without a great consumption of data is considered. We could emit until 320kbps in MP3, but the consumption of data would be almost the triple, and for the majority of listeners, the quality difference would not be very remarkable and, nevertheless, the lifted consumption of data and difficulties for listening yes would be remarkable. For a shipment of signal to 128kbps, we will need 140kbps approximately of ascent at least, between heads and the own data flow.