To create a website with RVsitebuilder free

In this new article we will teach to create a new webpage using the RVsitebuilder tool, which is free of charge including in all our plans Web Hosting.



We enter the Control Panel Web Hosting cPanel and looked for the RVsitebuilder tool, we make click and it will leave a new window to us to begin to create his new project Web, where it will have to complete the form with the data: Its name, company, catchphrase, thematic category or of its webpage and soon we pressed the button “To create”.


Soon we must select a group for his Web. According to the category that it has chosen in the previous step will be a listing with associate groups or also from the left lateral menu it can see all groups available for all the categories, we chose the one that more we like or the one that better adapts the type of webpage which we wished to create.


In order to change the content of the page of the selected group it will have to puncture on the “Edit page” that there is next to each of them represented with a folio with a species of pencil or pen:


By means of the popular option to drag & to drop with the left button of the mouse it will be able to put widgets (Contact, Album, Facebook and Google Maps) and additional sections within the page that wants later for being able to alter them.


When it has created and modified the pages of their website will be the turn to review the subject of the design. For it will have to make click on “Design” in the part superior of the menu of the left of RVsitebuilder. Then it will be able to see that it is divided in: Headed, Navigation, Content, Pie and Site Properties.



Here it can change the image for the head of his Web. If it puts several images by means of the option of “Add Header Image” these would rotate to each other. It can raise his own images, add filters with “Edit” or to even define the space between the part superior absolutely of the Web and the head (Space).



Here it is to modify the menu of navigation of his Web. It can choose the location of the same, for example, above or underneath the head. As well as in “Style” to change the color of the bottom, font and alignment of the name of the pages for this menu of navigation.



In this section it can change the color of the bottom, but not of the Web, but of the external part of the same, that according to with which device visualizes is possible that the user not even gets to see it. If it does not want to change the color, but to put an image also you can do it.



As it indicates his name, here it can modify everything what leaves in the footer your Web. In “Style” you can choose the color of the bottom for the foot, the size, font, color and if to expand it or to fix it.


Site Properties

In this last section it can indicate the title of his Web, his goal tag and description, as well as Publish CSS. Although most interesting he is the one of the Favicon. The possibility occurs of raising a Favicon (Icon for navigators Web) of simple form.



Final step

Realised all the commented one. Now it has two options: From the part of “Design” in which one is to make click in “Publishing” or visiting “Pages” and click in “Preview” to see that so it is his website with all the changes that we have introduced. It even can verify responsive that is your Web, since mobile is a “Mode” to see how its Web in a movable device would be seen.


Title of the article: RVSitebuilder gratuitous tool to construct websites