WhmSonic or Centovacast

At the time of contracting to an Audio service streaming in Crearchile (To see plans) it will have the option to choose the Control Panel, where at the moment we have two powerful WhmSonic solutions or Centovacast, do both allow to administer their signal of radio but what is better? It reviews this article so that it can make a correct and informed decision.


whmsonic or centovacast


In order to respond what is to the best Control Panel streaming of audio we must know clearly what will be the use that we will give to our signal streaming him of audio, since as much WhmSonic or Centovacast owns similar functionalities exist some differences that could mark the difference for our radio online.


WhmSonic or Centovacast offers systems of statistics where the amount of auditors in real time as historical registries of the connected ones will be able also to be observed our radio transmitter, both allow: administration of Autodj, compatibility AAC, MP3, OGG, compatibility movable, compatible devices with all our gratuitous reproducers and premium, own direct links to be inserted in their webpage for external reproducers as: Real Player, Media Player and Winamp.


Centovacast advantages

The system of Autodj is more complete and friendly for the user and allows to create customized lists of reproduction being able to select a specific schedule for each list of created reproduction, in addition Centovacast owns 100% compatibility with Icecast which improves delay considerably (Shoutcast V2 35 seconds approx, Icecast 7 seconds approx, following other factors as configuration of emitter, quality of transmission and state of network of the user). Its Web as showing to the last emitted songs or song owns Scripts ready that are sounding in real time (To copy and To beat). Finally to mention that Centovacast owns compatibility in port 80, allowing to listen to its transmitter even if they are behind a Firewall as in offices, universities or schools.


WhmSonic advantages

This Control Panel Streaming de Audio has been created by cPanel and is most popular at the moment in the network, owns compatibility for Shoutcast V1 (Compatibility with all the navigators Web) and also for Shoutcast V2, he owns system of Manajer Dj allowing to create users external speakers so that they can be connected to the radio from different points without having necessity that to give the credentials of access as administrator, when using the system of Autodj and returning to transmit live the transition is realised in automatic form meaning that only coarse with disconnecting a live Speaker and the system of Autodj it begins to work of automatic form without you cut for the listener, the Autodj system allows to be formed in formats MP3 and AAC (Centovacast only in MP3).


As account occurs both Control Panels WhmSonic or Centovacast own unique characteristics and will depend on the use what to choose, as a recommendation if its radius is FM and is not going to use the system of Autodj in Crearchile we recommended WhmSonic to him, on the contrary if it is going to use the system of Autodj and lists of reproduction in the servant we recommended Centovacast.


Name article: WhmSonic or Centovacast | What Control Panel Audio Streaming is Better?