To increase listeners in one radio online

We know that it is not a task easy of obtaining more listeners for a transmitter that it transmits by Internet but the times have been changing and more and more usuary they look for digital means to inquire or to entertain themselves, reason why we invited it to read this article where it will find some recommendations to increase listeners in one radio online and will allow to mark the difference of its radius against its competition.


to increase listeners in one radio online


1. - Development interactive Web

In order to increase listeners in one radio online it is important to consider to make a good radial webpage which will allow that the visitors can be listening to their transmitter by a time more prologando, ideal if it places some module to interact with the user, for example a chat to leave commentaries, a space to see the programming of its radius, to publish the news daily, among others. (To see plan Development Web Radio Online)


2. - Streaming quality

We live in a society where everything goes very quickly, where errors are not accepted and in the Streaming it happens the same exactly, where a good transmission without you cut nor intermitencias can increase listeners in one radio online, constantly supervise the quality of its supplier of Internet and simultaneously to contract to a servant streaming of audio of quality, ideal if the servers are here in Chile since he will allow to listen the user with greater fluidity and to diminish the phase angle between the source of emission and the listener. (To see Streaming plans)


3. - Quality of the Audio one

One of the points to consider in one radio online is the quality of the audio one transmitted, that allows the listener to listen with clarity and an suitable volume, also to review equalization of the transmission point is recommendable like the quality of musical archives used for its programmatic grill and by the side of the servant streaming must upwards form encoders from 128 KBPS (It consults with his supplier Streaming de Audio).


4. - Good programming

It is not possible to be arrived at all the hearing in a radio transmitter, that to want to program a list with different musical styles it does not serve, it must segment the population that wants to arrive at the time of offering music to its listeners, this will allow to increase listeners and to have a much greater fidelity in his radius online.


5. - Never to forget the Social Networks

With the social technological tools that exist at present is not complicated to realise marketing online and creating a new space to interact with the visitors it will manage to increase listeners in one radio online, for example it can promote a program of his radius to one hour specific and if it counts on a movable application it can activate Push notifications.


6. - Positioning of its radius online

A form to generate more visits its webpage and to increase listeners in one radio online is to use tools SEO, which are very popular nowadays and allow to position their radial website in the first positions at the time of realising some specific search in


7. - Radio Online to visual project

A method very used in Chile this last time to obtain that the user remains by more time in a radio website online is to use Streaming de Video (To see Plans) being able to also transmit from a camera Web showing the radio study or showing a video of the emitted song.


8. - Its signal of radio discloses

Promoting his radio station by different directories who exist by Internet it will obtain more visitors the day to day, for example can register its transmitter in the website where 1000 auditors circulate on a daily basis more.


These are only some recommendations that we have compiled on the basis of our experience to manage to increase listeners in one radio online, but everything will depend on: the spent time, the desire that are had and resources available for the radial project.