Audio Streaming Puerto 80 Proxy Firewall

In this article we will speak of the audio transmission Audio Streaming Puerto 80, what is the main benefit to use a Proxy and how to allow that their signal is listened to although it is blocked the port by some Firewall.

Audio Streaming Puerto 80

When contract a service Streaming de Audio or in Crearchile or another place of the world will assign by defect a dedicated and specific port to him where in the majority of the cases it is in ranks 8000 – 9999 since this is applied by defect in servers Shoutcast or Icecast. The problem appears when a listener who is under a restricted network cannot hear the signal or in his place of work or where she studies (Universities, Institutes or Schools) since they own very strict safety measures and these ports are blocked to avoid broadband excessive consumption, by security or simply so that the network is not used with other aims.

In this type of case be done can something?
The answer is affirmative, in Crearchile we have more than 8 years of experience and were one of first in our country in offering Audio Streaming Puerto 80 allowing the visitors of its transmitter can hear its signal of radio although is behind firewall restrictive.

Audio Streaming Puerto 80 is used since it is the same port that uses the popular navigators Web (Chrome or Firefox) to accede to webpages or to unload Internet contents and works as proxy redirigiendo their normal port through port 80 simulating a file unloading doing allowing that the transmission reproduces in the computer of the visitor.

How Work Audio does Streaming Puerto 80?
At the time of activating his signal of Audio Streaming it will have to ask for by means of ticket of Support the qualification of port 80 of his radius (To see plans), where it will appear a new option within his Control Panel Streaming and we will especially do delivery to him of a new reproducer formed and customized for this service.
It is moment that its transmitter has more listeners and it mainly does not lose auditors those whom they require to listen to his radius from the work!

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