Certificates SSL Streaming Audio and Streaming Video

In this article we will speak of certificates SSL but focused in Streaming services, to explain to us of better form we will divide it in two different services, first it is the certificate SSL for websites that serves to protect the URL of its Web of type HTTPS and the second service is the certificate implementation SSL for Streaming signals which allows to protect the content transmitted in its signal Streaming for radio online or Streaming of video for its television channel.

In Crearchile certificates SSL for Streaming de Audio or Streaming de Video are given free for any website.


certificates SSL streaming

In order to know if a website has or not installed a certificate in SSL for domains or Certificates SSL coarse Streaming with reviewing the URL of the navigating Web where the domain would have to begin with HTTPS and nonHTTP. If we entered a website with https and see some warning in the navigating Web as a color padlock red orange tree or means that the television channel or radio transmitter does not count on Certificate compatibility SSL Streaming.


Some years ago certificates SSL were only used websites as banks to protect the realised transactions, but nowadays this has changed and the recommendable thing is that all the websites have security in the information crossing, this will help to that their website is not harmed by third parties and simultaneously will help to improve the positioning SEO of its radius online or television channel. If it wishes to know more information on operation SSL in the websites and the associated values of certificate SSL for its domain we recommended to visit:


In Crearchile the Certificate technology SSL Streaming or is present and we invited to review it our Streaming plans where it will be able to know this benefit and free obtained being To see Audio Streaming Plans or To see Plans Streaming de Video


In Crearchile we are expert in Streaming and we always worried about the security of our clients!