New Platform

Today we want to announce the publication of a new project online developed by the work party of Crearchile which has been baptized under the domain, it is a platform 100% online, compatible with diverse devices that we hoped is everything a success in the future since it has arrived to remain!


As we mentioned previously allows that owners of radios online in Chile totally realise the publication of their transmitters free and in simple steps, simultaneously he allows the visitors to discover new radios online that they are in operation in Chile, his main objective to present the greater amount radios by Internet that are in Chile, helping in the diffusion and emphasizing the great radial work that he is realised daily throughout our country.


If he is listener and it likes good music we invited to discover it since it will be able: to listen to different radio transmitters from Chile selecting the region of its interest, to leave to commentaries or greetings those that could leave later to the air, to share a song preferred by means of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), to leave a vote if the radio has been of its affability so that it can raise of position in the weekly ranking and much more.


This project online does not have commercial aims and allows automatically to register any radio transmitter that it transmits by Internet, independent of its Streaming supplier of audio and the best thing of everything than is absolutely free its registry.


We hope that this new initiative well is received and that as much as our new platform as his radio transmitter they can grow altogether in the time.


We invited it to visit it


Radiosenvivo also is available for its gratuitous unloading in Android and IOS, no longer is escusas to listen to a good radio.