Dvj car



In Crearchile every day we were innovating in our offered services and always looking for new solutions that could interest our clients to them, today we will speak of a new tool implemented in our called Streaming services of video Dvj Car


Dvj car can be defined as a tool of automatization of audio-visual contents that allows to generate lists of reproductions of videos in format mp4 which they are stored directly in our servers. The load of contents multimedia for the correct use of Dvj Car can be realised of two forms, first it is by means of the Control Panel selecting the wished videos and the second form is by means of connection FTP using any program available in the market or the one that we gave free and to realise to load it of videos with space defined according to contracted plan.


In order to understand of better form its operation next advantages of Dvj Car: Its computer of emission will be able to maintain its TV channel online available for its visitors the 24 hours of the day maintaining totally extinguished if it wishes it, saving broadband and being able to return to connect live when it considers it necessary with a single click, in addition with this service is guaranteed the correct emission of contents that is to say, without intermitencias or faults of connectivity since the emission source Dvj Car is in the same servant.


Finally, the tool Dvj Car is available in our services Streaming de Video and owns different sizes from storage following the contracted plan, we invited it to know our plans streaming video being visited: https://webhostinghispano.com/streaming-video-chile/