Video Streaming Play

video play streaming

This new system called Video Streaming Play has been developed from zero and released recently by our company and is a perfect complement anywhere to be incorporated Web that transmits streaming of video live.  We invited it to know the 10 main characteristics Video Streaming Play and because it must have it in his webpage:


1. - Responsive technology (Detection of resolution of each device and adaptation of modules in independent form)
2. - Publication of commentaries in real time using social networks Facebook or Twitter (Next Instagram)
3. - Automated connections of diffusion for popular social networks (To share TV channel)
4. - Visualization of last contents published in the platform of Youtube videos
5. - Movable compatibility and intelligent button that the quality of transmission optimizes in automatic form avoiding intermitencias
6. - Button that allows to share code HTML of the reproducer so that it can be inserted in any other website
8. - Compatibility for Smart devices TV without external applications
9. - System of videos with playlist in live signal (ready of reproduction of videos when the signal is offline)
10. - Personalisation, this system allows to modify all the texts and connections that appear in Video Streaming Play



Video Streaming Play already is available for all our clients and it does not have additional cost. We invited to review it ours live demo entering a directly:


If not yet she is client of Crearchile we want to leave invited it to know our plans Streaming de Video, which count on the last existing technology since they allow to transmit his television channel in formats HD and FULL HD, forgets you cut of transmission or reclamations of spectators who do not manage to see their signal since correctly contracting with us its signal of video she will be much more fluid and he propagates by Internet using servers located in Chile, more information to visit:


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