Control Panel Streaming Video

In this article we will detail to the main characteristics and options available in the Control Panel Streaming de Video of
Once activated its signal streaming of video will be sent an email with the connection Web of the Control Panel and with the credentials of access. Once within the platform it will see a system similar to the image superior and with the following characteristics:

Main page

In these section you will be able to know the amount people that is seeing its signal of video in real time, the amount of connected that has been registered during the day, month or year. In addition to movable graphs that show the watching schedules with major, graph with indicators of every month, graph of navigators Web or platforms that their users use to accede to their television channel.


In the lateral menu in called section “Statistical” it will find two options available, which correspond to daily and monthly registries, in each of them it will be able to see the registries of the users who have visited their channel in the selected time, in addition will be able to know: IP of the visitor, navigator Web or used movable platform, country of origin and exact hour of connection, being able to extract these reports in different formats or to generate impressions of the shown thing. In addition it owns a filter field that will allow search or to order its registries according to its preference.


If you prefer it, she can restrict the users of his signal, entering “To restrict users” she will allow him to enter the IPS whom that does not wish they visualize the transmissions (Blocking specific), as also it sees the option “privileges of users” where it will allow him to add users and passwords with independent and exclusive accesses.

Reproducers Web

With our services of streaming of video it can personalize his reproductive Web according to his requirements, entering “Simple Reproducer” the system will automatically give the predetermined configurations, in which it will be able to modify width and stop of the reproducer being generated of automatic form code HTML to copy and to beat in his website. In addition it will be able to publish the preferences of this reproducer as; to place the signal in maintenance among others, where you will be able to see the signal to carry out technical tasks in his Streaming, to deactivate the system of statistics, only to deactivate the detection of mobiles. Also it will find in main menu the called option “Reproductive Popup”, which is a system popup with an imposing reproducer in format html5, chat social networks, videos ondeman among others, to know more this reproductive click here. Finally the option “Reproductive SSL” which allows to transmit its signal of video with certificates SSL, that is to say that is compatible with sites that begin with HTTPS and HTTP.


If its plan of Streaming de Video considers space for recording of insurance this section will be its favourite. In the main menu it will appear the option of “Recordings”, where the system automatically keeps its emissions for its later interpretation, where it will be able to see the videos generated according to day of entrance. It will be able to filter videos of the day, the previous or weekly day and to unload each of them in his computer. This option must be activated from the Control Panel and once kept the changes it will begin to record his emissions of automatic form.


We offer two tools that are of utility for the user and our equipment of support, first of them will allow him to realise a test of speed of its connection of Internet, being given the speed of ascent and slope. This is useful since the speed of ascent will help to determine the quality him of transmission that can form in its signal of video. The other tool is “To know My IP” which will give the salient IP to him from the connection source and will warn if proxy has installed some, in case present disadvantage at the time of connecting to our services must indicate these parameters to us to be able to review if some blockade on the part of our servers exists.

Configuration Signal

In this part of the main menu it will be able to see the signal of his channel that is live transmitting (To see transmission), to visualize the credentials and configuration of its signal of video (Data of Access), to unload and instructions of installation of our gratuitous program to connect themselves to our servers (To unload Software) and To visualize customized connections for movable devices, Smart TV and IPTV.

Multiplaforma entrance

You can accede to the Control Panel of any connected device to Internet!


This Control Panel has been developed by our equipment of support and he will serve to him to realise pursuit of his signal of video and to form his emission correctly. If it has some consultation on all the functionality of this system does not doubt in contacting to us and with taste we will help it.