To emit Streaming de Video from a mobile

In this opportunity we will teach to emit Streaming de Video from a mobile with operating system Android or IOS and our services Streaming de Video. First that we must do is to unload the called application “Wowza GoCoder”, we installed we accepted the terms of conditions and we executed obtaining:



In the left part superior it will appear to us a button of tools which will allow to enter parameters of configuration given by Crearchile:



We place the information of our signal streaming of video being of the type:


Host: To enter URL of the servant (Without rtmp) example:
Port: Number of designated port, example: 80


Application: it is the name of the plan contracted in Crearchile, example: initial
Stream Yam: Name of user of its signal of video


Source username: Name of user of its signal streaming of video (It is the same value that Stream Yam)
Source Password: Password of its signal streaming of video.



If one is transmitting streaming of video from the computer must disconnect this source before connecting from the movable device since the service does not allow to transmit simultaneously of two points of transmission. One remembers that the quality of formed transmission does not have to be greater to the contracted one, since could bring about the suspension of the service of automatic form.


Finally, if we have entered the data correctly we click in the red button (REC) and are emitting from its device, as one is in the following image: