Reproducer 07 Released Audio Streaming and Free

Today we want to announce that Reproductive 07 Audio Streaming already is available for our clients and the characteristics of this reproducer are detailed next:



1. - Title page detection:
The new Reproducer 07 Audio Streaming detects in automatic form emitted title pages and altogether works with the platform of iTunes, looking for in real time images associated the song that is emitting its signal of audio.


2. - Name of song:
Reproducer 07 Audio Streaming allows to show the name of the song that is live emitting, which is changing according to the programming of the radio station.


3. - Interaction Social Networks:
Something very waited for by our clients, since this reproducer allows to share the song that is emitting by social networks, that is to say that when doing click on Facebook or Twitter the visitor will have the option to publish in its profile its transmitter being given to know all followers which is listening.


5. - Intelligent Ecualizador
At heart of the Reproducer 07 Audio Streaming a rythmical ecualizador can be appreciated that works on the basis of the song that sounds in the radio station, where at the time of lowering the volume or stopping the reproduction the system is able to detect the inactivity and to stop showing this ecualizador multimedia, this is without a doubt a very interesting tool which we have available in Crearchile which we hoped to continue incorporating in the reproductive futures.


6. - Personalisation
Reproducer 07 Audio Streaming allows to change of color the blue bottom and the red color by which it wishes the client who allows our clients to manage to combine the signal streaming of audio with the design of his webpage.


We hope that this new good reproducer received by our clients and can successfully be used in its projects Web allowing to generate more visits for its webpages. In order to ask for this reproducer free of charge and to be able to insert it in its webpage favor to enter a directly: