To form RadioBOSS Audio Streaming

RadioBOSS is a software of automatization of radio developed by It makes simple and fast turn and administer resources of audio, as well as the creation of lists of reproduction with advertising wedges, hour blocks, rotations, music uninterrupted, made level automatic and other professional characteristics, and it allows him to reproduce the lists of reproduction in his system of emission, or local, terrestrial or via Internet.

We will see as forming To form RadioBOSS Audio Streaming in SHOUTcast and Icecast.

First of everything, it is to unload software. Click here

We will go away to the following route in the part superior of the interface: Configuration > Preferences 

Once fact, click on “Emitting” and appear to us the following window.

We will have to form the aspects of the emission of the radio:

  1. To qualify emission
  2. To qualify options for the program
  3. How to add a coder

The button of “+” will appear to us an interface when pressing

In that we must form in the eyelash of “Connections” (other eyelashes are optional):

  • Direction IP and Port of the Servant
  • Password
  • Name of the Servant (optional)
  • Other adjustments: Frequency, Codification, Data transfer rate (It tries), Channels

Also we can form the type of servant that we wish clicking in “Assistant of configuration”
Later he will appear to us this:

We choose the type of servant that we wish to use, and soon click in “Following”

We fill up the data related to the servant: Direction IP and port of the servant and its password.
Click in “Finalizing” and we finalized the assistant.

  1. To qualify the coder
  2. Click in “Accepting” to apply the changes

A time that we accept, we must go to the initial interface

We will make following the steps to listen to music in the servant:
1. We choose the files of audio that we wish
2. We will be able to publish the order by which they are listened to
3. This part is the surroundings of the files, in which we will see what is the file of audio that we listened, next and the previous one.
4. In this box, we observed that our servant is “ON AIR”
5. Simply click in the button of the box to begin stream, although we can stop it, also change to the song. .etc

That is everything, we hoped that this called tutorial To form RadioBOSS Audio Streaming is of utility for the clients of Crearchile and the entire world!