To use kick in Shoutcast to disconnect streaming

To use kick in Shoutcast


Today we will teach To use kick in Shoutcast which allows to disconnect from point of emission To and managing to connect to the radio signal from a second point of emission B without affecting the signal of emitted radio. This tool is compatibility with the present Control Panels given by Crearchile WhmSonic and Centovacast.


Once contracted a service Streaming de Audio in Crearchile (To see Plans) and obtained the access credentials of his new signal of audio it will be able to accede to the administration and to use kick in Shoutcast, to only accede will be enough with writing in its navigating favourite Web: http://ip:puerto, replacing IP and port according to parameters sent to its e-mail at the time of the activation of its Streaming signal of audio in Crearchile.


Shoutcast administration


Once it has entered the URL of its signal of radio will see in the right lateral part a called connection “Server Login” where at the time of clicking it will request user name which will have to always write “admin” and password will be the “key of administrator” of the radio which is in the data of sent accesses. Once entered the correct data it will see in screen a information similar to which shows the following image:


To use kick in Shoutcast to disconnect streaming


Finally, to use kick in Shoutcast and to manage to disconnect the source that only is transmitting streaming it will have to click in “kick” where the source of emission To will be disconnected by 3 seconds so that it can connect quickly from the source of emission B.


It is important that the change of emission sources is realised in fast form since past the 3 seconds the point To will return to take the signal from its radius online. Also we recommended to review that the system of Autodj is lengthy or slow to avoid that the signal is taken by this.


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