Blockade Sound in Streaming when using Car Play in Chrome

Several months ago the equipment of developer of Chrome was announcing a campaign of blockade sound (Car Play) for its navigating Web trying to avoid that the audio one at the time of visiting a website reproduces of automatic form, nowadays or is a reality and is by which there are preparation this article where we will see that Google was right to take this decision and the possible existing solutions for its signal Streaming Audio or Streaming Video.


The Fix called “blockade multimedia automatic” when entering a website was implemented by Chrome from V.64 which was published in February of the 2018, the main reason of this decision is that supposedly the majority of users of this platform was in favor annoying of the abuse of publicity when entering their favourite websites harming the life utility of batteries of devices and increasing the consumption of plan of data.


An important issue to mention is that this update only realises blockade sound or for Streaming of audio or also for Streaming of video; meaning that the video signal can turns without problems but without sound, forcing the user to clear silence to be able to hear (Interaction of user).


Next a possible solution to authorize the car play:

1. - To open Google Chrome

2. - In the URL bar we stuck the following thing: chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy and we pressed Enter

3. - In the configuration of Google Chrome we will see a window as the following one:


blockade chrome


We know that this solution is troublesome since it would have to modify each receiving computer of his signal but we have the good news, since investigating we found an assumption announced recently of Google where it mentions that its next version V70 number that will be available in October of this year could return to be incorporated the Car Play for the users.  (To see Streaming Plans)


We hope that this article is of their help for you since you must by objective inform to our Streaming clients on changes that are realised in the navigators Web and the compatibility with our services.

Last update: 08/08/2018