Several clients have asked the compatibility to us of this program to transmit streaming of audio by means of Internet, although it is certain that she does not count on a compatible configuration with shoutcast exist other methods to be able to transmit his signal of audio with this program.   1. - First that we must do he is to unload and to install Zara […]


In this opportunity we will teach to transmit one radio online using a special program called “compatible Butt” with his APPLE computer (iMac for example, Po to wer Mac, Book, etc.) with OSX, the definition of this program is described next: Butt is a simple program that allows to send sound from the sound card towards […]


  In this tutorial we will detail to software or programs that will be able to use for the audio transmission of in direct with technology compatible Shoutcast and Icecast2 with our services streaming and its operating system. In case of still not counting on a service with us, Sam Broadcaster (Version Pro) advanced Software can review our plans here […]

To form Winamp and Shoutcast

To form Winamp and Shoutcast V2 only delays a pair of minutes and today we will explain step by step as to carry out this task with our Audio Streaming service managing to connect its signal of radio online and allowing to be listened in fluid form by everybody.     1. - First that we must do is to unload and […]


TuneIn is a well-known platform Web anywhere in the world by the ample directory of radios online that it owns and to it registers his radius online will be able to increase the users who listen to their signal of audio. The characteristics most important to mention are that Not only [allows to accede to the listeners of Chile to listen to his…]