To form OBS Streaming Video

For the unloading and installation of program OBS Studio we must go to the official page or realise the search open to broadcaster software in Google where we will have to accede to the first result search.

Once unloaded and installed program OBS we went to the eyelash File – Configuration and go to Emission. Here it is where we must place our credentials of video Streaming access given by Crearchile of the following way:


Type of emission: To personalize the broadcasting servant
URL: (Without RTMP://)
Key of broadcasting: Name of user (Without .MP4)

We select: to use the authentication and we placed user and password given by

The following step is to form the quality of transmission of its signal streaming of video in the section of “Exit”.

Once selected the Way of Exit: Simple, we see that we can form the emission in direct of the following way:

Vibrate to you of Video: 850 kbps is recommended, but it will depend on the contracted plan and the connection of ascent of his Internet
Coder: Software (x264) recommended
Vibrate to you of Audio: 128 kbps (Recommended)

Finally we applied the realised changes and we selected the eyelash to emit, if everything is correctly formed will appear to us the text: Transmitting live and that he is everything!