To optimize Video for Dvj Car

Before loading its favorite videos to the system Dvj Car of our service Streaming de Video this must make sure that the quality of the archives multimedia is the optimal ones, will allow to raise greater amount him of archives with more duration and maintaining an excellent quality, in addition it will allow that its signal has a better yield for its spectators.


Adjustments of recommended videos HD 720p

– The format of compression of video fits to H.264 or MPEG-4
– Data rate/speed of bits: 1200 kbits/secondly
– Aspect ratio 16:9
– Dimensions: 1280 xs 720
– For the frequency of photograms, we recommended to use 30 photograms per second (30 FPS)


The rate or data rate controls the amount of information that is processed in a second when a video reproduces, this parameter is very important at the time of transmitting a Streaming signal of video with Crearchile since our servers are limited according to the contracted plan and he is recommended to form on the basis of his present plan so that its TV channel does not present disadvantages at the time of seeing its spectators


The programs are several that allow to modify the data rate, the dimensions of the video and the format but this case we have decided to use Software MPEG Streamclip since we have obtained good results with our clients who have used it, in addition is compatible with Windows and MAC, easy to use, in Spanish and totally gratuitous.


1. - To open to the video in format mp4 that we wished to publish with MPEG Streamclip



2. - To modify parameters: Compression, Rate of Data, Sound and Size of the Photogram.

3. - The last step will be to accept to be options doing click in “Doing mp4”. We choose the destiny of the file of video in our computer. And we left the converter makes the rest. With this already we will have our reduced and ready video to be used in our system Dvj Car.


Other Recommended Programs

Export selects To share > ready outpost > Seleccionar of export > Exportar to QuickTime MPEG-4 > Selecciona Options to fit the other options.

Windows Movie Maker
> At the end of the pull-down menu selects to File > Guardar film, selects To create customized configuration to fit the other options.

> Exportar to MPEG-4 selects To share > Exportar with QuickTime > Selecciona Options to fit the other options.

> Personalizar selects to File > Exportar > Ajustes to fit the other options.

Format selects to File > Guardar as > > 720p.