To form Virtual DJ Streaming Video

In this new tutorial of Crearchile we will explain the steps to follow To form Virtual DJ with our services of Streaming de Video, in addition to the main advantages when using this software and that I need to obtain a fluid emission and with excellent quality of video.


Virtual DJ


First that we will do it is to unload and to install Virtual DJ in its last version from its official page

In order to send the transmitted thing in Virtual DJ towards our servers we will use a second programs call vMix that will be the one in charge to realise the transmission of the Encoders and the programming of its transmission by all the Internet. From its official page a gratuitous version by 60 days can be unloaded


In order to send the sound from Virtual DJ to vMix we recommended to use tool VCS (Virtual Sound Card) and from the options of sound of Virtual DJ we selected to the audio line of e2eSoft Baud or also following the implementation of his card of sound it can use the option of Stereo Mixture from the Control Panel of his PC.



In the same way to send the video content from Virtual DJ to vMix we will use a tool incorporated in vMix or that can be unloaded from its called Web “vMix Desktop Capture”, where at the time of opening this application it appears a simple window that it will begin to capture incoming information in automatic form (it is not necessary to modify nothing, unless it has more of a monitor and it wants to select what of all is the one that wishes to show in its signal streaming of video contracted in

From vMix we selected the button “To add Entrance” and added from the Audio eyelash the sound that we want to reproduce in our signal streaming and from the same way the video that we want to show in our channel selecting the eyelash “Captures Desktop”



Finally we kept these changes and we went to the Streaming eyelash within program vMix where we will place the data of the signal streaming of video and will begin to emit the contents.



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