Remote classes with Streaming Video

Remote classes with Streaming Video already are a reality in Chile. From now on it will be able to teach by Internet at low cost and to have his own virtual classroom in only minutes.


Remote classes with Streaming Video


In certain occasions we see ourselves in the necessity to transmit live or to generate educative contents at a distance, to manage to be successful in our transmission we will need a service of Streaming of video with certified national quality and thus to be able to generate remote Classes with Streaming Video without majors complications. Know did you whom in the last time in Chile the numbers have increased of young people who use platforms online to accede at a distance to education? This is due mainly to that the students can accede at any time to transmitted contents of the day and from any place of the world.


What it is needed to realise remote Classes with Streaming Video is a computer writing-desk or Notebook with operating system Windows or MAC, a camera connected by USB, connection Internet from 1MEGABYTE of ascent and a service Streaming de Video (To see plans available).


Independent if video the Streaming service is contracted in Crearchile it is important to verify that they are national servers (this means that the company supplier of video the Streaming service has its facilities of servers in Chile), since this will allow to generate virtual chats with greater fluidity avoiding intermitencias at the time of generating interaction between emitter and receiver from its virtual classroom.


If it has a project of remote education by means of a virtual classroom or needs to create interactive conferences from his home or office our Streaming services of video are ideal since they count on quality certified for this type on watch. In Crearchile we told on more than 8 years of experience allowing our clients to realise remote Classes with Streaming Video in professional form arriving at any part of the world in real time and with quality HD.


If its project grows in the time and needs more a channel simultaneously for its spectators will be able to contract our services Reseller de Video which will allow to obtain extra income for their company restricting the access to the channel to users only allowed, it will be able to generate advertising spaces with his own brand, to see the classes live realised later, to create more than a signal of video with white brand and much more.


It knew that its Virtual Classroom can be incorporated in any list IPTV and to obtain more spectators easily?

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