To form Wirecast Streaming Video

In this new tutorial of Crearchile we will explain the steps to follow To form Wirecast Streaming Video, in addition to the main advantages when using this software and that I need to obtain a fluid emission and with excellent quality of video.


To form Wirecast Streaming Video


The first a to consider To form Wirecast Streaming Video is the resources recommended on the part of the emitter must count as minimum with, 4GB of RAM, CPU at least i3 or i5 and ideally i7 and finally 2MEGABYTE of ascent connection (If it owns a speed inferior must lower the quality of transmission since on the contrary the signal could present intermitencias).

Wirecast allows to send more of encoders simultaneously allowing to use our Multi services Vibrates (To see plans you Streaming de Video), with this software will be able to superpose titles in movement, to insert videos pre-recorded in format mp4, also to realise filters of colors in live transmissions and other effects that will do of their more professional channel.


To form Wirecast Streaming Video

1. - Once installed Wirescast and initiate the program we must click on the miniature that has his transmission and within the Broadcast Menu it selects the option Broadcast Settings.
In Mac you must press cmd + and


Servant RTMP Wirecast


2. - We selected the Option that appears by default Servant RTMP soon and click in OK


Settings Wirecast


Destiny (Destination): To select to RTMP Server Flash.
Direction (Adress): To write rtmp://urlentregada
Sequence (Stream): To write the user name streaming given


3. - It adjusts of the Coder
In order to enter the coder, of click in the Icon of Gear in the section of Codification


Preadjustments Wirecast

Preadjustments of the Coder: The name of its adjustment.
Coder: To select H.264 option
320 width and Height 240 (It depends on the exit of video of his source of entrance)
Photograms per second: 30
Speed of bits mediates: 800 kbps (It depends on the contracted plan)
Profile: To select Línea Base (Baseline).
Photograms nail: 240.
Audio Encoding: To mark the square.
Channels: To select Stereo.
Speed of bits wished: 128 kbits/s
Frequency of the sample: 44.100 kHz.

Once realised the necessary changes it remembers To keep the changes.


4. - We remembered that all the services streaming of video offered by Crearchile are restricted so that they are only used by those who contracts it, so before transmitting it is necessary to define the credentials.
User: Name of Streaming User
Password: To place password given by Crearchile
Soon to click in OK to keep the changes.


Credential Wirecast Access


5. - Finally to click in “Emitting” to begin live with its transmission.


Wirecast emission


Note: If for some reason it does not manage To form Wirecast Streaming Video, it can communicates with our Technical Support by means of ticket and we will realise the remote configuration we ourself in using softwareTeamviewer without additional cost for you, the idea is that it can transmit his TV channel as rapidly as possible online and uses our services.

Tutorial name: To form Wirecast Streaming Video