In this new article we will teach to create a new webpage using the RVsitebuilder tool, which is free of charge including in all our plans Web Hosting.     We enter the Control Panel Web Hosting cPanel and looked for the RVsitebuilder tool, we make click and [will leave a new window to us to begin to create his…]


  Gzip nowadays is a very important tool, which allows to only manage the optimization of its website in minutes being obtained to improve the SEO (Positioning Web) of its project for Google and other finders Web, to be able to activate this tool in its Control Panel Web Hosting contracted in webhostinghispano.com and power […]

In this tutorial we will see as form accounts of mail in mobiles allowing to send and to receive emails using its own domain and service of Web Hosting contracted in Crearchile (To see Hosting plans). Once created an account of mail from the Control Panel Web Hosting (To see Tutorial How to create Accounts of Post office)] will have to enter to […

In this tutorial we will explain step by step as to create accounts of post office within the Control Panel Web Hosting given by called Crearchile cPanel, first that we must do is to enter the Control Panel with the given credentials of access (Email Activation), once entered we see an image as it is next:   […]


  Next it will find rules or you practice recommended so that their sent post office do not fall in the tray of Spam or post office nonWished:   1. - Before each shipment to send the message to test directions to evaluate it. 2. - Been worth the spelling of the directions to send and it verifies that the senders exist. 3. - […]

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If it has realised a development Web by means of the Wix platform and counts on a premium plan in wix, then it can use his own domain of the type .cl .com .net .org, etc. only must modify the registries To or CNAME.   How I modify registries A? ] Must enter the Control Panel Hosting given by Crearchile […


Error “508 Resource Limit is Reached” can be translated as “508 the limit of resources has been reached” Appears when its account of hosting of insistent form is surpassing the assigned and allowed resources, the monitored resources are:   CPU Virtual memory Physical Memory I number of concurrent processes. Operations of entrance and exit by […]

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  When you wish to publish its website is seen in the necessity to count on a service of hosting that adjusts to the requirements of the site. Nevertheless not always it is clear which are these requirements. In this article we will see some of the differences that exist in the two platforms of Hosting that […]


  In order to improve the security of its WordPress, we will see a series of tips immediately very simple, within reach of everybody, that as minimum a little but difficult to the next crook put the things to him that pays attention to your Web.   STEP 1: Name of user Must avoid this type of user (admin, […]