To form Wirecast Streaming Video

In this new tutorial of Crearchile we will explain the steps to follow To form Wirecast Streaming Video, in addition to the main advantages when using this software and that I need to obtain a fluid emission and with excellent quality of video.     The first a to consider To form Wirecast Streaming Video] is the resources recommended by […

Audio Streaming Puerto 80

In this article we will speak of the audio transmission Audio Streaming Puerto 80, what is the main benefit to use a Proxy and how to allow that their signal is listened to although it is blocked the port by some Firewall. When contract a service Streaming de Audio or in Crearchile or another place of the world […]


  Gzip nowadays is a very important tool, which allows to only manage the optimization of its website in minutes being obtained to improve the SEO (Positioning Web) of its project for Google and other finders Web, to be able to activate this tool in its Control Panel Web Hosting contracted in and power […]

In this tutorial we will see as form accounts of mail in mobiles allowing to send and to receive emails using its own domain and service of Web Hosting contracted in Crearchile (To see Hosting plans). Once created an account of mail from the Control Panel Web Hosting (To see Tutorial How to create Accounts of Post office)] will have to enter to […


  In Crearchile every day we were innovating in our offered services and always looking for new solutions that could interest our clients to them, today we will speak of a new tool implemented in our called Streaming services of video Dvj Car   Dvj car can be defined as a tool of automatization of […]

In this article we will detail the main characteristics and options available in the Control Panel Streaming de Video of Once activated its signal streaming of video will be sent an email with the connection Web of the Control Panel and with the credentials of access. Once within the platform [will see a system…]

In this tutorial we will explain step by step as to create accounts of post office within the Control Panel Web Hosting given by called Crearchile cPanel, first that we must do is to enter the Control Panel with the given credentials of access (Email Activation), once entered we see an image as it is next:   […]

If the signal of video is cut when trying to visualize the transmissions its spectators or disadvantages at the time of realising connection from its program of transmission this article will be of help to be able to identify the problems and we will give some recommendations so that this does not happen.   First common case: Our plans streaming of […]

In this tutorial we will teach to form his program of Sam Broadcaster Pro transmission and Shoutcast V2 Once installed and initiated the program we went to the main menu and we selected “Windows” and “Encoders soon” where we will add a new window to our program of transmission which we will enter the parameters of configuration of our signal […]


If accounts with an insurance computer MAC this tutorial will be of your interest since you will be able to form your signal streaming of audio contracted in Crearchile and to transmit the 24 hours of the day from your MAC   1.) To unload and to install Nicecast. You can unload the gratuitous version or buy a license. If you have problems for […]